About Us

With its leading and innovative identity, and a company leading the way for the trade press in Turkey, Ihlas Magazine Group is a subsidiary company of Ihlas Holding. Publishing its first magazine in 1981, Ihlas Magazine Group has been working with important brands nationwide and worldwide operating in the issues such as children, recipe and food, textile, economy, automotive, construction, beauty and personal care products, health, IT and digital. Carrying its success in hard copies to the web publishing, too, Ihlas Magazine Group has also succeeded combining print media with TV culture through its internet portals and Sector Web TV activities. The company comes forward with its quality in publishing and prestigious publications. Having magazines addressing almost to all sectors, each of the 25 magazines of the group is number-one in Turkey and among the most leading ones in the world. Since its foundation Ihlas Magazine Group has placed its main principles such as quality and ethical publishing, stability and professionalism on top of its agenda thereby deserving the confidence and reliance of the nation for all Ihlas brands. For its progresses and innovations it gained for the Turkish media industry, IMG has always led others expect to be different and it goes forward with the motivation of these expectations and confidence.