30th WorldFood Istanbul Will Host the Leading Brands of The Food Industry

Shaping and improving the food and food technologies industry, contributing to the promotion of local tastes and being the industry’s gateway to the region and the world, WorldFood Istanbul – International Food Products and Technologies Exhibition, will be held on September 1 – 4, 2022 at the TÜYAP Fair and Exhibition Center.

Being the international meeting platform of the Turkish food industry, WorldFood Istanbul is preparing to introduce many new products and the latest technologies to the food industry. At the exhibition which will welcome over 300 hosted buyer, the exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to see innovations and products in the market, to contact national and international companies and improve relationships with suppliers and manufacturers.

The International Food Products and Processing Technologies Exhibition – WorldFood Istanbul will be held for the 30th time this year. Many brands and manufacturers specializing in retail chains, canned food, beverages, dairy products, meat and chicken products, fish and sea products, fresh vegetables, fruits, frozen products, staple food and oils, sugary products, baked goods, and food additives will take part in the WorldFood Istanbul Exhibition.

WorldFood Istanbul, one of the most important exhibitions in the food industry, is assuming an important role by hosting leading actors shaping the industry, introducing new products to visitors and with its attracting events and wide participant profiles.

Agricultural and Food Products Exports Increased by 22% in 2021
As of the second half of 2021, economic and social activities expanded due to full opening or big opening in the sectors, and growth in trade accelerated. Being one of the strategic and critical sectors of every period, food reinforced its importance and strength.

As for Turkey’s agricultural and food exports, it was achieved a 22 percent increase in 2021, reaching $21.2 billion. While the increase in exports regained its momentum in 2021 after the slowdown in exports during the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the increase in food prices greatly led to the export growth in 2021.

It was observed that agricultural and food imports have increased in countries that have weathered the COVID-19 pandemic more severely. As a major supplier in its region for agricultural and food products, Türkiye continued to meet the increasing demand for imports in 2021, as well. Accordingly, exports of agricultural and food products also increased rapidly.

Agricultural and food product imports increased by 21% and reached $12.76 billion in 2021. Despite the conditions arising from the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, imports have been in an upward trend throughout the year and have continued to grow at a faster pace in 2021.

WorldFood Istanbul Break the Records In 2021
The 29th WorldFood Istanbul which was held in 2021 became the largest exhibition on square meter basis in its history and it achieved great success by reaching the highest number of visitors ever. With its “Safe Trade, 365-Day Exhibition” approach, WorldFood Istanbul hosted a total of 179 hosted buyers from 40 countries and 22,800 visitors, 23% (5.237) of whom are foreigners, throughout four days.

WorldFood Istanbul Received Great Interest on Its 30th Year
Organized by Hyve Group, WorldFood Istanbul, one of the most important meeting points of the food industry, will bring up the latest developments that shape the food industry in cooperation with the leading institutions and organizations in the industry in 2022, as well. The exhibition receives a lot of attention from the companies based on the commercial success created by participants and companies in 2021. WorldFood Istanbul continues its efforts to bring together around 600 foreign and local exhibitors with tens of thousands of visitors this year as well. 80% of occupancy rate is achieved in exhibitor quota, and there is still demand for participation and registration process continues.

More Than 300 Hosted Buyers Are Coming to Istanbul Through the Hosted Buyer Program
As the leading and collaborative platform between Turkey and Eurasia in the food industry, the exhibition is preparing to bring foreign buyers and participants together in 2022, as well. Last year, a total of 179 hosted buyers from 40 countries were hosted, and the exhibitors’ business volume built after the negotiations and agreements at the exhibition exceeded €650 million, and reached a record high. This year, more than 300 professional buyers from the Middle East, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Africa, and the Americas are expected to participate under the Hosted Buyer Program.

WorldFood Istanbul Continues to Grow
Pointing out that there has been great demand for participation in the WorldFood Istanbul Exhibition in its 30th year, Event Director Semi Benbanaste said, “WorldFood Istanbul has always aimed to lead to the development of the industry, and in line with this objective, we bring together the leading stakeholders in the industry with a different concept each year. I believe we will have a remarkably successful and productive exhibition this year, as in last 29 years. We had a great turnout at the last year’s exhibition, we are delighted with the interest we received. This year, we are receiving a huge number of demands from exhibitors. Nearly 80% of the occupancy rate is achieved for exhibitor capacity. We are going to beat the record we set last year.” And he added:

“More than 1,000 brands specializing in retail chains, canned foods, beverages, dairy products, meat and chicken products, fish and sea products, fresh vegetables, fruits, frozen products, staple food and oils, sugar products, baked goods and food additives products will take part at the WorldFood Istanbul Exhibition. This year, a great number of exhibitors from “food additive” manufacturers will be hosted in the exhibition. We also see a significant increase in the number of exhibitors from the chocolate and confectionery product group. With new product groups appearing at our exhibition, we will be welcoming more exhibitors, visitors and hosted buyers.”

Benbanaste stated that the 30th anniversary of World Food Istanbul holds a special place in this regard. “Many industrial issues will be discussed with professionals in the industry for four days this year, as well. And one-of-a-kind chefs will make great shows. Besides the performances of our chefs, industrial discussions, new product tasting workshops, special themed exhibition tours and competitions will take place in the WorldFood İstanbul.” he explained.

Food Industry Meets at WorldFood Istanbul 2022
Food companies such as Beşel, Bifa, Burcu Gıda, Çizmeci Gıda, Saray Bisküvi, Seymen, Tat Bakliyat, Malatya Pazarı, Anı Bisküvi and many significant others will meet at WorldFood Istanbul, one of the industry’s most important exhibitions.

Tuba Memiş, General Manager of Tat Bakliyat pointed out that they have been participating at the exhibition for many years, and she added, “For us, this is a particularly important and fruitful exhibition because we have a strong home market, and the exhibition enable us to interact face-to-face with our customers from local retailers and with our dealers across the country. We receive many visitors from abroad as well. We receive customers from many countries including  Iraq, Syria, Lebanon  from Middle Eastern countries and Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, and Libya. Also, our customers from Europe, the U.S., and Russia visited the exhibition. We will continue to participate in WorldFood regularly in order to further expand our market.”

“We have stood at the same place for years,” said Burcu Gıda Chairperson Müjdat Bahadır, stating that they consider themselves to be the host for WorldFood Istanbul, and he added:

“Our market goal is Africa today and thanks to WorldFood Istanbul, we have gained serious momentum in that market. Apart from that, let me tell you a good story. WorldFood helps us a lot in terms of distributorship and promotion. At the WorldFood Istanbul Exhibition in 2012, with a customer we met and signed a distributor agreement for, we decided to establish a joint production facility about one or two years ago and laid the common foundation for this factory.”