EVSID brings 100 buyers from 60 countries to Istanbul

Turkish Houseware And Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters Association (EVSID) will bring together 100 buyers from 60 countries in Istanbul as part of the ‘Turkish Housewares by Invitation Only’ event between June 1 and 4. The target is to increase the unit value in exports.

The countdown has begun for the “Turkish Housewares by Invitation Only” event, which has become a world brand of EVSID. In the first month of this year, the household and kitchenware sector, which achieved an export of 307 million dollars with an increase of 8.5 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, will host 100 buyers from 60 countries in Istanbul between 1-4 June.

New countries in export markets

Talha Özger, President of EVSID said that buyers from countries that have not done business with Turkiye before will be in Istanbul at this year’s event. Özger said, “In addition to the country difference, another important issue for us here was to reach buyers in distant countries that have not done business with Turkiye before and have limited access to Turkiye. Qualified buyers from many different countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, South Africa, Indonesia Invitation It will be in Istanbul for Only. 83 buyers from 50 different countries participated in our last event. There is a great demand from both foreign companies and local manufacturers for 2022. This is our expectation at our Invitation Only event, where we get higher efficiency than our previous organization every year commercially. Raising the bar even higher this year. During the event, each of our exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet with more qualified buyers than they would be able to meet at a normal fair.”

The target is the top 3 in the world

Declaring that they exported 3.4 billion dollars in 2021, and that their export target for 2022 is 4 billion dollars, Talha Özger, President of EVSID shared the following information, “We find it more appropriate to highlight our targets as unit export value. We succeed in rising to the 5th rank in the world in terms of export figures. However, in order to close the gap between us and the competitors ahead, we need to increase our unit export value to the level of 4 dollars by the end of 2022. Currently, this figure is at the level of 3.7 dollars. On the other hand, we aim to deepen further in the European market, where we realize 55 percent of our exports this year and next year. We can increase our exports to Europe by utilizing our logistics advantage against the Far East. We have been attaching great importance to the Latin American market since our establishment. Thanks to the activities we carried out for the region and the important buyers we invited to Turkiye, many of our companies started exporting to the region. Our expectation is to export to the region further increase. We are also planning a sectoral delegation to Kenya for Sub-Saharan Africa. Here, too, our goal is to increase our export market diversity.”

Russia-Ukraine war

Referring to the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war on the industry, Özger said, “The war in the north of our country has a negative effect on the exports of the industry. However, we should also say that the fact that the manufacturers in Ukraine were affected by the war process caused our manufacturers producing similar products to come to the fore. We foresee that the companies in Turkiye are forced to shift their imports from Western countries to alternative sources in terms of consumer products, and that the trade between the two countries may increase if appropriate conditions are met.”