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Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa increases and diversifies its investments in Yenişehir


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa initiates a series of investments in Yenişehir in order to give an impetus for the urban and rural development of the region. Recep Altepe, Mayor, Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa said, “We increase our infrastructural investments, totalling 225 million TL, in Yenişehir, thereby paving the way placing utmost importance for the welfare of the citizens.” Metropolitan ...

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Bursa Turned Out To Be An Exemplary City For Agricultural And Rural Development


International AgriCities Conference was held in Konya, with the participation of international and national members. Bursa has become a focus of attention at the International AgriCities Conference. During the Conference. Bursa’s remarkable potential in terms of agricultural and agro- based industries were underlined by the participants. Yetişkan Keskin, Chairman, Departmen t of Rural Services, Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa and Mustafa ...

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Energy And İnfrastructural İnvestments Discussed At Uludağ Economic Summit


“Thanks to BOT [build-operate-transfer] and PPP [public-private-partnership] models, mega projects have been completed one by one. If the government had wanted to make all those investments by itself, treasury’s budget would not have been sufficient.” BURSA-Infrastructure investments should be deemed as the driving force for sustainable economic development and a source of motivation for our country, head of a prominent ...

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Turkey’s economic confidence rebounds in February


Confidence in Turkey’s economy rebounded in February after a two-month dip, the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) reported on Feb. 27. The Economic Confidence Index surged 6.8 percent to 91.5 in February compared to last month, TÜİK said in a statement. This increase in the economic confidence index stemmed from the increases in services, the real sector, construction, and retail trade ...

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P&G embarks on investment in Turkey’s Gebze


The U.S.-based Procter and Gamble (P&G) has made its 250 million-Turkish lira ($70 million) investment in the northwestern province of Kocaeli’s Gebze district online and signaled new investments. The fresh investment in Gebze aims at increasing local production in baby and women outputs and thus enhancing diversification in export markets, according to top representatives from the company. “We will increase ...

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Turkey’s SWF to focus on securitization


The first act of business by the Turkish Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) will be the issuance of securities, while it will also focus on Islamic finance products in securitization, the size which will be decided separately after a valuation of transferred assets. The fund will contact local and foreign investors for securitization over the next few months. The size of ...

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