New production facility investment from BETA Kimya

BETA Kimya GEBKİM Campus, which is prepared to become the production base of high-tech new generation adhesives to be produced locally and nationally for the first time in the Turkish chemical industry with an investment value of 315 million TL, will provide employment for 500 people by operating with an annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons.


BETA Chemical Co. one of Turkey’s oldest chemical companies, laid the foundation of the largest adhesive and glue production facilities in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The groundbreaking ceremony of BETA Kimya GEBKİM Campus was realized with the participation of T.C. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, T.C. Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, TIM President İsmail Gülle, BETA Kimya A.Ş. Chairman of the Board Adil Pelister and BETA Kimya A.Ş. General Manager Cihat Sayacı. BETA Kimya GEBKİM Campus, which is the new integrated production facility of BETA Kimya A.Ş., and fully compatible with digital transformation in the industry, and green building technology with LEED certification, will offer one hundred percent local and national innovative products for use in many strategic sectors such as automotive, defense and aviation.


Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, in the speech at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Beta Kimya GEBKİM Campus in Gebze Chemistry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (GEBKİM), said that they witnessed an exciting day for the real sector which continues its path without stopping even during the epidemic of the new type of corona virus (Covid-19). Stating that they are together to lay the foundations of the largest adhesive and glue production facility in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, Varank said “Beta Kimya GEBKİM Campus, which will come to life with an investment of 315 million liras, will make new employment opportunities for 500 citizens. From the first day of our visit to the Ministry with the appreciation of our President, we have demonstrated the vision of national technology and strong industry. We are concerned with developing new policies that will take this vision further with every step we take. We try to dominate the real sector in an approach that encourages localization and directs our companies to innovation. With BETA Kimya Inc.’s new integrated facility investment, the polyurethane reactive hot-melt adhesive products and different variants, so far imported, will begin to be produced in Turkey for the first time. Thus, an important input of the packaging, automotive, furniture, construction, defense and aviation industries will be procured domestically. In the medium term, an import of 120 million dollars will be prevented. After domestic needs are met, of course, the export potential will also be evaluated. When this factory goes into mass production, it will be one of the most modern production facilities in our country. I wish the BETA Kimya GEBKİM Campus investment, which will bring a new breath to our country’s industry and the chemical industry, and I congratulate everyone who contributed especially the BETA Chemistry Board and İKMİB President Adil Pelister.”




  1. C. Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, in her speech at the Beta Kimya GEBKİM Campus Groundbreaking Ceremony, by attending with video conferencing, said that she is pleased to be at the groundbreaking ceremony of an investment of strategic importance for the country. Minister Pekcan said “BETA Kimya Inc.’s investment in the new integrated production facility is really very important for Turkey. Because it coincides with our country’s high technology and high value added production and export strategy. Under the leadership of our President, we will take all necessary steps to bring our country to the level of high-income countries together with its political stability and effective management system, more technology, more value-added production and exports. BETA Chemistry GEBKİM Campus will make added value of Turkey’s production deficit and imported products and also will provide making exports to new markets. In our country, it will provide domestic input to many sectors such as automotive, construction and defense industry, and make employment for 500 people. I congratulate the BETA Kimya Family for their valuable investments and wish them good luck for our country.





Stating that they will bring a new value to the chemical industry and Turkish industry with BETA Kimya Gebkim Campus, Adil Pelister, the chairman of the Board BETA Kimya Inc., said “As BETA Kimya, we have focused on growing, producing and always creating high added value for 34 years. With our Apel and Mitreapel brands, we have managed to become a large industry family that exports to 75 countries on 5 continents, with approximately 150 products in 9 different categories, from furniture to automotive, textile to construction and even to health with its COVID-19 pandemic. Today, BETA Kimya Gebkim Campus, which we have laid the foundation, is a product of our excitement to make high added value. Our new integrated facility, which will be commissioned with an investment value of 315 million TL with 100 % domestic and equity capital, will be the largest adhesive and glue production facility in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.”



Expressing that they will focus on domestic and innovative products for Turkey’s strategic sectors with BETA Kimya GEBKİM Campus, Adil Pelister said “With our new integrated facility that will have an annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons, we will employ 500 people and we will step into 5 new product categories with high added value. Our LEED-certified, eco-friendly green building production campus will be one of the most modern chemical facilities not only in our country but also in the nearby geography, as a giant integrated production facility built on a total of 50 thousand m2, with a closed area of 35 thousand m2. We take pride in signing one of the best examples of digital transformation in industry that our state and ministries expect from us, a step that will add value to our country and the chemical industry. With our new production facility, which will be operational in the next year, we will be ready for the future digital production technologies. I wish it good for our chemical industry, country industry and our company.”





Stating that they are among Turkey’s 250 companies that invest most in R & D and always focus on innovative products, Cihat Sayacı, General Manager of BETA Kimya Inc. saidWith our BETA Kimya GEBKİM Campus, we are signing a modern integrated production facility project that is of great importance for the Turkish chemical industry and fully complies with the principles of digital transformation. As BETA Kimya, we have gained power from R&D and innovation for 34 years and we are committed to developing high-tech products. We are also signing an important investment move for R&D in our new integrated facility. We are preparing to grow our innovation base, which has an R&D Center Certificate and consists of all Turkish engineers, exactly 7 times here. With a R&D team of 50 people, we will step into new MS technology adhesives terminated with silane and PUR Hot-melt products that we will produce for the first time completely locally. We will carry BETA Kimya to the future with new generation innovative products that we will develop specifically for the automotive, packaging, building and furniture sectors as well as nationally strategically important sectors such as defense and aviation.”