Bursa would serve as an ideal and remarkable thermal tourism center of the region more than ever

Recep Altepe, Mayor, Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa: We are determined to upgrade the tourism potential of Bursa by increasing the thermal water capacity and infrastructure. We put particular emphasis on a series of new investments directed to thermal tourism.

Recep Altepe, Mayor, Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa said, “Bursa, which is a member of the European Historic Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA), becomes a world renowned thermal city ideal for health tourism.” “Bursa sits in a geothermal area that boasts a number of hot springs. This is a place to come if you want a traditional experience because thermal waters and spas are known throughout the world. Classic bathhouses with intricate tile designs and arching ceilings can be found all around the central Bursa.” He pointed out, “Bursa’s healing and curing thermal waters would increasingly make their presence felt abroad. We have reached thermal water reserves and sources, particulary originating from
the tannery district of the city, paving the way for increasing the capacity of thermal waters by 4-5 times.” “Bursa Geothermal Inc-Bursa Jeotermal A.Ş.” undertakes drilling and exploration operations in order to upgrade thermal capacity of Bursa.”

“Currently, Bursa Geothermal Inc-Bursa Jeotermal A.Ş.” provides thermal waters for 55 hotels. After completion of new investments,
we would be able to provide thermal waters around 200 establishments. The thermal water to be pumped would flow a rate of 200 litres/second, having 79C temperature. We paid technical visits to the leading thermal water centers in Europe such as Bad Füssing in Germany and Obernberg in Austria.” Recep Altepe, Mayor, Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, noted, “These bathing venues are definitely atmospheric. The minerals in the waters of Bursa are thought to have healing properties. Water is also pumped into a number of area hotels, which operate their own mineral pools for guests.” “Medical tourism is a very important sector for the future. It has to be included as a priority in the future of Bursa. The thermal sources we have, are very important treasure that will help Bursa to stand out from its competitors. It should be considered a flagship in health tourism. Currently, thermal waters and our natural, cultural and historical riches in this regard, carry us to an advantageous position.”

He added, “Bursa assumes a prominent place in regard to the areas of nature, tourism, culture and history tourism as well as thermal and medical tourism. We, Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, strive for making Bursa a brand city. We envisage a brand-new, powerful and competitive Bursa for the future, based on its unique historic and cultural richness. Within this framework, we launch a series of infrastructural investments in order to upgrade the quality of life in Bursa. Our projects related to the future of Bursa make their presence felt abroad as well.”


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