Good sleep, good life with Lova!

Focusing on body orthopedics for a healthier sleep, Lova Bed is ready to bring good sleep and a good life to your homes with its two brand new models. A good quality sleep, strengthens the immune system and supports you to meet the new day with a healthy energy.

Cool and fresh sleep, renewed skin with Lova Fine Coolest

Fine Coolest offers freshness and wellness all daylong with the mint extract in the beds. Supporting the renewal of the skin with its special fabric woven with mint extract, Fine Coolest mattresses increase a good sleep quality while providing a feel of freshness and well-being.

This new model, which maintaines its form for many years with HRS Spring Technology, minimizes the complaints of bed collapse that may be encountered over time and provides balanced support to the spine and muscle system in all body types with its intense string system.

Lova Algua Wellness offers a powerful immune system and a dynamic body

Algua Wellness beds, reinforced with spirulina moss, provide a dynamic start to the new day by charging the body during sleep thanks to its special capsule technology. The natural algae extract inside the microcapsules in the fabric, opens with rubbing during sleep and releases spirulina molecules that have the ability to renew the body for a 7-8 hour natural health treatment. Spirulina, which contains 11 kinds of natural vitamins, 10 kinds of minerals, 18 kinds of amino acids, iron, protective antioxidants and proteins, refreshes your energy by strengthening your immune system while you sleep.

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