Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa increases and diversifies its investments in Yenişehir

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa initiates a series of investments in Yenişehir in order to give an impetus for the urban and rural development of the region.

Recep Altepe, Mayor, Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa said, “We increase our infrastructural investments, totalling 225 million TL, in Yenişehir, thereby paving the way placing utmost importance for the welfare of the citizens.” Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa launched a restoration Project for 130 years old Dereköy Mosque. On the occasion of the restoration project of the Mosque, a ceremony was organized by the Municipality. During the ceremony, Recep Altepe, Mayor, Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa said,

“ As known, we put emphasis on preservation of historic heritage of the region. The restoration of the Mosque would be completed in an efficient way. Apart from this Project, we also focus on the connection of the roads of Alaylı, Karacaali, Afşar, Yolören, Uluköy, Fethiye–Koyunhisar and Menteşe.” He added that Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa would continue to support Yenişehir in terms of vital infrastructural investments. During the ceremony, Süleyman Çelik, Mayor of Yenişehir Municipality, “ We thank Metropolitan  Municipality of Bursa for support and cooperation for realization of investment projects. Yenişehir would upgrade its economic structure and dynamism in line with these projects.” Yenişehir, founded in the South of Marmara Region, 55 km east of Bursa, on the plains bearing its very name. The county is connected by land route to Bursa, Istanbul, Inegöl, Iznik, Orhangazi and Gemlik. The land was given to the veterans during the period of Ottoman Empire. With time and various buildings that are constructed, a new town aroused and took the name Yenişehir. Yenişehir has a rich historic legacy of the Ottoman period.


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