High quality polyurethane systems for industrial areas by Flokser Chemical

Flokser Chemical continues to offer alternative products for different industries. Through its durable polyurethane foam systems, Flokser Chemical provides sound insulation and energy-saving properties for rolling shutters, garage doors, and industrial doors.

As Turkey’s leading polyurethane system house, Flokser Chemical provides polyurethane systems with a high production capacity, for many application areas in various industries. And generates solutions for all areas of life and develops high-quality products at its Ministry Approved Research and Development Centre with an innovative approach.

Flokser Chemical produces polyurethane foam systems to provide thermal insulation for rolling shutters, garage doors, and industrial roll-up or pack-away doors. These polyurethane systems are applied in a continuous line and adhere perfectly to the metal sheet it is applied to. Besides, it is possible to produce shutters of different thicknesses with polyurethane system’s high dimensional strength and mechanical properties.

In addition to energy-saving, provides sound insulation

Polyurethane foam is used between aluminum lamellas for shutters production. Thus, sustainable energy saving is achieved with heat insulation; at the same time, a minimum level of sound insulation is provided. Polyurethane foam systems, which can be applied in different free densities with perforated or non-perforated coverslips, cure quickly by filling the lamella perfectly. Thus, warping or folding problems do not occur on the shutters.