Supporting domestic and national production,

SELUZ once again achieved leadership in exports!

Founded in 2007 based on 100% Turkish capital investments, and one of the fastest growing fragrance and flavor companies of the world, Seluz Fragrance & Flavor Company achieved its third annual leadership in a row in the ‘Fragrance Chemicals Export’ category and now continues to grow stronger with food flavor investment.

With the first fully integrated robotic fragrance production facility of Turkey and the Middle East, Seluz is granted the top award in the ‘Fragrance Chemicals Exports’ category, effectively registering its performance in trade, ambition in exports, and its contributions to our national economy even in the direst of straits. In the pleasant conversation with Murat Öztürk, the Founder and CEO of this successful company, which has been export leader for three years in a row, said “Since the very first day of our foundation, we have been continuing our investments based on a vision emphasizing ‘global growth’, and ‘value added products’, for which creativity is a must. With the impact of our global growth and high penetration especially across the Middle East, we are proud to be Turkey’s export leader in fragrance sector again in 2020. We are trying to touch beyond the senses. There is perfectionism in our codes. We owe our success to our perfectionist and customer focused philosophy, qualified human resources and high technology investments.’


Export-oriented growth strategy

In our conversation about succesive export achievements in the fragrance category of Seluz, Mr. Öztürk said; “Despite being a young company, Seluz managed to become one of the leading names in the region. As per our export-oriented growth strategy, we have been taking important steps not only in Turkey but also abroad. We have two offices in Dubai and Tehran as part of our growth policies in the Middle East. These two cities are crucial centers in terms of reaching out to Middle East as a market.

Globally speaking, we have exports to many countries in many regions, ranging from Europe to Americas, from Middle East to Asia. Our directed efforts for increasing exports brought us leadership in Turkey’s fragrance exports in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Exports account for 40% of our turnover, which is currently at USD 53 million.” Regarding the company’s targets for year 2023, he added “As we enter the 100Th anniversary of our Republic in 2023, our primary goal is to be among the top 10 fragrance and flavor brands in the world by exceeding 130 million dollars of turnover total in fragrance and flavor.”

Major investments in fragrance, given the mission to support national production and supply efforts

Maintaining a growth projection and continuing its efforts for further success of its brands in the coming years, vision to become one of the leading companies in the world, and its ambitious, determined and innovative stance, Seluz carried its success in fragrance to food flavor as well.

Talking about the new food flavor plant which cost USD 20 million, covering 15,000 m² next to the fragrance campus in Istanbul, Mr. Öztürk added “Globally flavor industry’s market volume is 14 – 15 billion dollars.  In Turkey, we foresee a market volume of 320 million dollars. An important part of this amount, which is about 200 million dollars, is unfortunately met through import. In other words, the industry has a dependence on imports, at a rate of 60%. We invested into the food flavor industry, aware of our mission to support national production and supply in the wider food industry in Turkey. And we have no doubt that we will become the leading Turkish company in this category as well. There are only a few flavor producers in Turkey; and we know that automation is not well established even in the largest of these manufacturing companies. On the other hand, we are aware of the importance of added value in our business. We have succeeded this in our fragrance branch as well. Therefore, search for a new field with value-added products urged us to invest also in the flavor industry in which we can utilize our R&D power. With the investments to be made in R&D, production, technology and human resources, we strongly believe that flavor industry in Turkey will be rapidly developed; production of value-added products will be rapidly increased; and export figures will be improved. Besides, we want food producers in Turkey to be more competitive worldwide. For this reason, by producing flavors based on processes compliant with, and even stricter than European standards, we offer more affordable and quality products to our food producers much faster.


The first and only company in Turkey that can produce with a precision of 0.05 gram!

Entering the flavor sector to develop different flavors in many food categories, especially bakery, beverages, confectionery and dairy product groups, Seluz continues the creations of all its flavors with the team led by 6 senior flavorists who are among the best in the world. Seluz, which can produce liquid and powder flavors in a short time without manual intervention in production lines containing latest technologies, distinguishes itself from its competitors in terms of technology with its high-volume fully automated robotic lines. Seluz, that performs its production on fully automated robotic lines with the ability of automatic dosing from 0.05 gram up to 5 tons, is the first and only company of Turkey and of the nearby geography with this kind of automatic dosage precision.  The flavor plant which contains advanced technologies including as well the huge Spray Drying Tower that turns liquid into powder, has the capacity of producing 30.000 tons of liquid and powdered flavor per year. On the other hand, the company’s fragrance production capacity is 35,000 tons per year.