Take your time for yourself with lip contour

The most special complement of beauty, the most striking point of an attractive appearance and the most realistic representative of life is lips.

When it comes to beauty, each period has its own patterns and standards. But lively, fresh and voluminous lips are the current trend of every period. Because lips play a very effective role on the perception of beauty. From this point on, Ergül Keskin, the founder of the Conture Make-up Studio, the Contour Make-Up Instructor, explains the important reasons for making lip contours.

Lip contour gives vivid appearance

Time just doesn’t go away, it takes away something from us. Sometimes it takes the vitality of our skin, sometimes something from our lips … Because as you get older, the lips lose their old colour and reach a faded image. Lips lose their red / pink appearance by decreasing blood flow and decreasing rate of cell regeneration. In addition to time, anemia, lack of vitamins, hormonal conditions can also lead to loss of lip colour. At this point, the lip contour, which is activated, colorens the inside of the lips through the appliances and vegetable dyes and provides the desired viability.

Fullness with lip contour is possible without aesthetics

Many people may have innate thin lips, or lips may lose their former fullness due to diminishing collagen as they age. Although these are not a problem thanks to the new generation of applications, many people are afraid to apply to aesthetic procedures such as having full lips. At this point, the contour of the lip, which offers practical and long-term permanent solutions, colour the lip via the natural dyes at the same time. Moreover, the lip is more easily shaped thanks to this application made to the upper part of the skin, not under the skin as in the filling application.

 Your time is yours, with lip contour

The make-up routine is an important part of our lives in the day when time is such valuable nowadays. The fact that working women do make-up early in the morning increases the necessity of permanent applications at this point. The lip contour application varies from person to person, but its durability varies between 3 and 5 years and removes the lipstick from the make-up routine.


You’ll have the ideal lip shape

The lip shape that a person has can sometimes not be in harmony with the other parameters of the face. However, the most important criterion in determining the ideal lip shape is the harmony of the lip with the shape of the face. The round, oval or heart shape of the face, and the specific features of the jaw and cheekbones should be considered when determining the ideal lip. The contour of the lip draws the ideal line by providing the most appropriate lip to the face. By correcting the existing mistakes, it gives the lip a symmetrical appearance.