The epidemic period increased the demand for packaged and healthy dried nuts and fruits…

 Peyman CEO, “Due to the impact of the pandemic, consumers’ tendency towards healthy snacks and packaged dried nuts & fruits will continue to increase in the future.”


The year 2020 has passed with the global epidemic struggle. This period, in which all sectors were affected, also changed the priorities of consumers. With Covid-19, while the concept of hygiene was placed in primary importance, the demand for packaged products increased significantly. Noting that the epidemic period has significantly increased the consumers’ interest in packaged, healthy dried nuts and dried fruits, Peyman CEO Kaan Baral also stated, “Due to the impact of the pandemic, consumers’ tendency towards healthy snacks and packaged dried nuts & fruits will continue to increase in the future.


The hygiene concern caused by the epidemic period has greatly increased the interest in packaged products. Emphasizing that the packaged dried fruits&nuts sector having a market of 6 billion TL size in Turkey, Peyman CEO Kaan Baral also stated, “The total size of the packaged and unpackaged market of dried fruits&nuts approaches 20 billion TL. While the market size of packaged dried fruits&nuts in the previous years was 20% compared to the market of the unpackaged, today it has reached the level of approximately 30%. “This advance points to an increased awareness of healthy and hygienic dried nuts&fruits consumption.” Noting that as Peyman, they invested more in innovation and production studies during the epidemic period; Baral evaluated 2020.


“We grew with digital investment, innovation, and exports during the pandemic period”

Peyman CEO Kaan Baral stating that the high growth potential of the dried nuts&fruits market in Turkey, also added “2020 was a challenging year that we were subjected to a tough and surprise test by the coronavirus outbreak. As Peyman, we have met the increase in demand in the domestic market by investing more in innovation and production in this period when the sectors have difficulty in seeing the future, and we have transformed the mobilization in exports in our favor. At the beginning of the year, we started to invest in digital transformation in all our fields of activity. By increasing our pace in the pandemic, we made significant investments in our system and energy efficiency, maximum ecosensitive and healthy environments, and technological infrastructure works in smart automation systems. In 2020, we exported to more than 10 new countries and in the first nine months, we achieved a growth of over 50%. In the new year, we aim to grow twice above inflation” he stated.


 “We allocated 10 percent of our budget for our R&D and innovation studies”

Stating that they allocate approximately 10 percent of their budget for R&D and innovation studies for 2020, Baral also stated that approximately 50% of their growth in the first two quarters of 2020 originated from innovation investments and also informed: “This year we enriched our product range; with Dried Fruits and Raw Dried Fruits&Nuts by Bahçeden, Çitliyo, Nutzz and Roasted Gourmet Delicacies by Bahçeden, we have presented 4 product families to our customers’ taste. We did not let the pandemic slow down our innovation steps, and we introduced new tastes to our consumers.


“We will continue to invest increasingly in digital systems in all our fields of activity”

Underlining that consumers’            tendency towards healthy and packaged dried fruit&nuts will continue in the coming period due to the physical and psychological impact of the pandemic, Baral said: “As Peyman, we will continue to increase our investments in digital systems in all our fields of activity together with R&D and innovation studies and we will increase our R&D investment budget by 20%. We will ensure the sustainability of national and international control and certification systems in our factory with high technological infrastructure. We will increase our investment budgets to strengthen the technology, human resources, supply, and logistics systems required to achieve our goals.


“We will continue to get into new markets in 2021”

Noting that they took strong steps in the international arena and reached consumers in more than 50 countries with new markets in 2020, Peyman CEO Kaan Baral said, “We entered many big market chains in the global arena and hit the stores. We will strengthen our position in the international market in 2021 and beyond, and continue our investments with the target of triple growth in the next 5 years. By getting into new markets, we will continue to represent the fruitfulness of our country in the field of dried fruits and nuts with our gourmet and healthy products”.