Türkiye’s organic agricultural products diversified

Nowadays consumers are becoming increasingly interested in environmentally sound products, as a  result of continuously expanding  awareness. Thus, the desire for healthy life has oriented consumers toward healthy food  and  organic  agricultural products. The  movement towards healthy food has started in 1960’s in  developed  countries, spread  all over the world. In line with, growing demand, organic  agricultural activities began in Türkiye in 1985 based on demand of importing countries. Due to its rich plant variety, Türkiye is one of the countries best suited for organic  cultivation. Today, nearly 250  kinds of agricultural products are organically produced in Türkiye and shipped abroad pioneering with dried fruits and nuts, olive and olive oil, pulses and spices. Industrial products such as cotton, textiles and essential oils have also be started to be produced organically.

In  the  Turkish agricultural and  food industry, production is realized in conformity with all rules of hygiene in order to produce highq uality and sanitary products. In this regard, many firms in Türkiye have started to apply internationally recognized quality and food safety.

Systems like  ISO  9000, ISO  22000, HACCP, BRC, IFS, SQF  or GLOBALGAP. This enables the  Turkish food industry to export to all countries in the world. In addition, the similarity of consumers’ preferences with Moslem countries
and the geographic and cultural proximity to many European markets allow  Turkish food  exporters to penetrate international markets easily.

However, the Turkish agriculture and food industry export potential is not limited with these products. There  are  many other  products that  are  worth experiencing and these are recommended to all consumers in the world.

From all of the described products above, it can be easily seen that Türkiye has become a big potential supplier of various agricultural and food products.

It is apparent that Türkiye is likely to continue to develop her  trade with  world markets as her  products become known and preferred more and more in the future.

In the  meantime,  trade between  Türkiye and the world markets must not be solely limited to export  and  import business; foreign investment is always welcome to Türkiye. Joint ventures in  Türkiye and  other  countries are  potential activities, which are  expected  to be the major promoting tool for enhancing trade relations of Türkiye.