EMS Infection Control Ambulance offers innovative solutions more than ever!

EMS-Innovative in approach, outstanding in quality

ISTANBUL- “We operate under the motto of innovative in approach, outstanding in quality. EMS Infection Control Ambulance is specially designed for the transportation of infected patients (who have contagious diseases like COVID-19, Ebola, SARS, MERS-CoV, Avian Flu, and Swine Flu-H1N1) within the best possible high isolation” say EMS officials.
Actually, EMS-Emergency Mobile Systems and Hospital Materials Industry and Trade Inc. has turned out to be a global player in its area of specialization. In addition to special customer requests and project-based designs, EMS’s manufacturing line focuses on the following product groups:
-Diverse range of ambulance production, including intensive care ambulances, snowtrack ambulances, wheeled snowtrack ambulances
-Ambulance equipments
-Mobile Health Care Vehicles (Van, midibus, bus, truck, container types)
– Mobile Command Control Vehicles
-National Medical Rescue Teams Tool (Designed for operation in disasters and extreme cases)
– Mobile Laboratory Vehicles
– Mobile Screening Vehicles
-Ambulance stretchers
-Stretcher platforms
-Medical devices
– Medical materials
By keeping the pulse of the sector, EMS has been participating in major medical fairs and exhibitions for years.
EMS puts emphasis on R&D in order to serve its customers in efficient manner. According to EMS officials, innovation and dynamism have become a way of life for the Company in order to survive in the competitive markets.
“Innovation is a major business priority; simply put, companies become more competitive when they have a clear process that produces a reliable stream of new and innovative products. As known, permanent change is the rule of the game in the global markets.
Competitiveness at the domestic level has been replaced with competitiveness on a global scale. Technology and competitive power would always be the two keys for the survival of the sector. Therefore, we have been diversifying and expanding our export markets,” they added.