Kaleseramik’s infinity design wins Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2020

Kaleseramik is given the “Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2020” for its 2019 Cersaie stand design that calls for excellence and durability. The award is considered one of the most important competitions in the design world.

“Despite the general perception of ceramic tiles, which looks as if it is only a solid building material, we wanted to provide a fresh and unforgettable experience for Cersaie visitors with this stand design that pushed all the limits of today’s digital world.” said Zeliha Özay Yurdatap, Kaleseramik Marketing Director.

Carrying its holistic designs that inspire living spaces into its stand design by Paola Cesaretti, Kaleseramik won the “Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2020” in Cersaie Fair, which is accepted as the most important meeting of the industry in the world.

Zeliha Özay Yurdatap, Kaleseramik Marketing Director

Describing the design journey of the stand, Kaleseramik Marketing Director Zeliha Özay Yurdatap said: “When we got together with Paola and her team for the stand design, we said that we want to take people on a timeless journey when they touch the ceramic. And we wanted to see “uniqueness”, “mastery” and “excellent experience”, our main characteristics, in the design. Later in design, these three words evolved into minimal geometric shapes, the connotation of perfection and durability. While the two intertwined circles represent Kale’s Turkish and Italian cultural relations, the infinity sign derived from this combination inspired the design of the stand. Through the interior design made with five areas dedicated to different brands of Kaleseramik, we presented our innovative products, potentials and features of our products to the visitors with the help of spaces that interact with each other.”



“We benefited from the power of Kalesinterflex”

“Round, brave, yet selective architectural frame brought Kale’s different spirits together with the aim of an exclusive identity, and in doing so, our own product Kalesinterflex —the largest polished porcelain ceramic in Turkey— was used in the entire exterior cladding of exhibition stand. This product was also used for a holistic interior design in all areas consisting of kitchen, living room and bathroom by using alternative areas of use for Kalesinterflex. Using traditional techniques, we created large-size panels to obtain forms like thin porcelain sheets from our high-tech product Kalesinterflex. We designed an area to frame the panels. This area was also at the heart of the exhibition stand. This digital space, which is made of Kalebodur products and combines uniqueness, mastery, experience and well-being stories with the customer in an interactive way with four projections, has beed accompanied with a lightly animated narration that consists of short ironic and poetic stories based on the environmental, public space and home life values of Kale. When the visitors touched the panels, they came to life and visitors have experienced their first digital interaction with ceramic tiles. Here, we preferred the use of different tile collections of Kalebodur in wall compositions by making use of the Mix & Match philosophy that creates a warm effect especially in interior decoration. With the use of theatrical light in the design, the whole stand area was characterized by a metaphysical atmosphere, thanks to the combined primary colors and geometric shapes. While the vertical and horizontal surfaces were designed as contemporary interiors, decorative paintings complemented walls, floors and showcases, as well aroused a feeling of home and workplace.”