Joy of reaching 2.5-billion-dollar exportation mark in aquaculture and animal products sector

Aquaculture and animal products sector increase its 2023 exportation goal from 3 billion dollars to 3.5 billion dollars.

The aquaculture and animal products sector, which has become one of the star sectors of exportation after 2000, grew by 11 percent in exportation and we are proud to be exceeding 2.5 billion dollars in 2018. The sector revised its 2023 exportation goal and increased it to 3.5 billion dollars from 3 billion dollars.

The aquaculture sector protected its leading position in the sector by exporting products worth 958 million dollars whereas the poultry sector reached and exceeded the total 1-billion-dollar mark by bringing total 1 billion 37 million dollars into Turkey by exporting poultry meat worth 607 million dollars and eggs worth 403 million dollars in 2018.

The dairy products sector exported products worth 293 million dollars whereas the honey exportation reached 25.5 million dollars. Contribution by other export items of the sector marked a total of 198 million dollars.

Turkish products preferred all around the world

Sinan Kızıltan, the Sector Chairman of Turkish Aquaculture and Animal Products Exporters’ Association, noted that healthy and delicious Turkish aquaculture and animal products, mainly seabass, sea bream, trout, poultry meat, eggs, dairy products and honey, are served on the dinner tables in over 100 countries and none of the exported products has been returned; he reported that their 2019 exportation goal is to reach 2 billion 700 million dollars.

Mr. Kızıltan underlined that, as the aquaculture and animal products sector, their traditional export market is the European Union and they will try to increase exportation to this market in 2019 and continued: “In 2019, we plan to increase our exportation to our target markets Far East Countries and South America”.

Mr. Girit: “We increased our 2023 goal to 3.5 billion dollars”

Bedri Girit, the Chairman of Aegean Aquaculture and Animal Products Exporters’ Association, reminded that the aquaculture & animal products sector has two main subcategories: aquaculture and poultry and reported that 2018 exportation figures in both sectors reached the 1-billion-dollar level.

Mr. Girit reminded that the aquaculture & animal products sector had the exportation goal of 3 billion dollars to honor the 100th Establishment Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey and added: “As the aquaculture & animal products sector, we revised our 2023 exportation goal as 3.5 billion dollars thanks to our exportation pace. We are going to work very hard in the next 5 years to achieve this exportation volume for Turkey”.

In case of Turkey’s aquaculture exportation, Holland is the leader of this exportation segment with 148 million dollars whereas Iraq is by far on the top of the poultry meat exportation with 338 million dollars. Iraq also ranks the first in egg exportation with 306 million dollars and dairy products exportation with 73 million dollars. As for honey exportation, Germany, which preferred Turkish honey worth 12 million dollars, is on the top of the list.