Made for curious babies;Fresh’n Soft Baby Care Blanket

Babies are curious.They want to touch, move and most importantly explore. But this can cause some problems during diaper change.With fresh’n Soft Baby Care Blanket provides a hygienic environment for babies at home, car, park, and during travel while also making the job of the mothers easier.

It is with you both at outside and during night accidents…

Babies being active sometimes may cause problems. At this point mothers want to be comfortable and peaceful during the diaper change process. To the help of the parents who want a hygienic and soft environment for the process comes Fresh’n Soft  Baby Care Blanket with its soft and absorbent tissue. Fresh’n Soft Baby Care Blanket with its joyful colors and patterns turns hardships of changing diapers into fun hours.

With its soft and absorbent tissue Fresh’n Soft Baby Care Blanket provides a healthy environment for the baby while also preventing small accidents from dirtying surroundings. Fresh’n Soft Baby Care Blanket also can be used to provide your baby safe freedom of movement on grass. You can provide your baby with a safe environment anywhere you want by laying it on the ground under your baby. With its compatible size for the baby crib it also protects the bed from night accidents.