New product prepared with natural extracts from Eyup Sabri Tuncer  

 Eyüp Sabri Tuncer entered a brand new category by inspiring from the healing essences of nature for your oral and dental health. With its natural extracts, healthy tooth and gums as well as freshness toothpastes, Natural Miswak Extract, Natural Clove Extract and Natural Propolis Extract have been taken its place on the shelves with three different options.

 With three different toothpaste options

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, which continues to attract attention by developing natural products in personal care products, has entered a brand new category with three different toothpaste options. Thanks to the improved formula without chemicals such as SLS, Fluoride, Paraben, Titanium Dioxide, Gluten and colorant, toothpastes that keep human health at the forefront, protects teeth and gums with natural extracts. Thymol in the toothpastes formula (oil obtained from oregano plant), eucalyptus and menthol provides long lasting refreshment in the mouth.

Benefits of natural miswak extract for dental care

It helps to protect the natural whiteness of the teeth while the misvak extract helps to remove bad odors in the mouth. Misvak protects the gums with the help of the minerals it contains and also protects the gums and teeth due to its antioxidant properties. Reduction of dental plaques in regular use provides benefit in gum healing.

 Benefits of natural clove extract for dental care

Clove is an effective herbal solution used for gums. It is preferred for mouth relaxation and fresh breath and has antiseptic properties. Clove oil, thanks to this antiseptic feature for your gums to relax and with a perfect scent to refresh your breath, gives your mouth freshness. The clove extract, which has been used in dental care since ancient times, helps your teeth achieve their natural whiteness.

Benefits of natural propolis extract for dental care

Propolis is a natural effect produced by bees. Known for its many benefits, the propolis has properties that support oral health as well. It helps to eliminate tooth and gum problems, to prevent caries formation and to whiten teeth. Increases the resistance of enamel layer of tooth, reduces plaque formation.