New Çitliyo Family offers the “ideal sunflower seeds recipe” of Turkey!

Peyman writes the ideal recipe of sunflower seeds for Turkish people who dearly love and consume them. Redefining perfect sunflower seeds of consumers in the new Çitliyo Family, Peyman presents the gluten-free sunflower seeds promising continued eating experience in special zipper packages, roasted twice with sea salt.

Peyman sparks a new sunflower seeds movement and transforms the traditional taste consumed most in Turkey into an innovative one. Stating that Peyman intends to make innovative contributes to the special sunflower seeds culture of Turkey with new Çitliyo family, Peyman CEO Kaan Baral noted that they have reflected the expectations and wishes of sunflower seeds lovers into perfect sunflower seeds through R&D and Production and Development works.


Gluten-free Çitliyo Kara Şimşek and Çitliyo Beyaz Çekirdek have been cleared of flour and roasted twice with sea salt according to the understanding of healthy nutrition. Offering natural and additive-free sunflower seeds in zipper packages to the consumers for the first time, Peyman presents the experience of having tasty sunflower feeds that remain fresh all the time.


Kara Şimşek has become the indispensable taste of every house…

Kara Şimşek which is very popular in Turkey is placed on the top as the most favorite flavor of the new Çitliyo family. Delineating that in these days when healthy, reliable and packaged products are gradually being preferred more and more and we have to stay at home, particularly Çitliyo Kara Şimşek attracts huge demand, Peyman CEO Kaan Baral also added that “Çitliyo Kara Şimşek which is top-rated with its plump, full and tasty seeds has already taken eating seeds one step ahead. We have reformed the sunflower seeds that were not introduced to innovation before in accordance with the expectations of our consumers and healthy life trends. We have completely eliminated flour and table salt and roasted with sea salt. The New Çitliyo Family will be loved as “perfect sunflower seeds” by the Turkish people”.


Sunflower seeds meet with innovation…

Pointing out that Peyman’s understanding of innovation is focused on the changing priorities and expectations of the consumers and Peyman has broken grounds by creating new categories, production systems and tastes, Peyman CEO Kaan Baral stated that, “From the comprehensive consumer surveys we conducted, we have seen that the biggest expectation of the Turkish consumers from seeds is their being natural, additive, fresh, full, well-roasted and unspoiled joy of cracking the kernels. With our capacity to manage innovation 360 degree, we have made investment in our production processes and realized intensive R&D and Production and Development works. Consequently, we introduced gluten-free and healthy New Çitliyo Family to Turkish people. We can say that the new Çitliyo Family is the last product of the point which we have reached in innovation.


Kara Şimşek will make you smile with Gupse Özay…

Peyman prepared a big advertising campaign for the new Çitliyo Kara Şimşek. The Brand Ambassador of the campaign that began to be broadcast on TV, radio and digital channels is the actress Gupse Özay. In the commercial, Gupse Özay make us smile with different characters she simply portrays like any of us while joyfully eating sunflower seeds that Turkish people love.