We continue to produce for our country.

The results of “Fortune 500 Turkey announced Survey 2019, which lists Turkey’s largest 500 companies and arranged for the 13th time this year, were disclosed. Hes Kablo takes pride of on the top of the list in the cable industry this year as well among the “Fortune 500 Turkey”, which covers all industries excluding financial institutions and holding companies. Talking about the issue, Şahin Nursaçan, general manager of the company, made the following comments:


“We thank all of our colleagues and stakeholders who contributed to this success.


HES KABLO (CABLE) is the leading cable manufacturer in Turkey; With its 50 years of experience in the sector, it offers world-class industrial infrastructure products to many different sectors from energy to communication, from IT to industry. Hes Kablo, which has become a reputable brand in the international arena with its high-quality products in integrated production facilities exporting to more than 140 countries, responds to the needs of the future.


With the exclusive solutions we offer not only in Turkey but also the mega projects of mega cities of the world, we continue to move Turkey and the world forward with our 400 kVA 3000 mm2 extra high voltage cable products which have the feature of being the heaviest in the world and produced for the first time.”