“We can turn the corona crisis into a golden age!”

Turkey Empoleers’ Platform (TPP) and the Eurasian Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ASİAD) Chairman Ömer Faruk Basaran, made a statement about the period the world going through.


Pulling attention to the possibility of turning the  global coronavirus crisis into an opportunity for Turkey, Omer Faruk Basaran said, “In these days when the world economy came to a standstill, we can be a giant country if we take right decisions and if the economy in the continuation of the process is managed correctly.”

“This century must be Turkey’s era”

He explained the way of becoming a giant country as follows: “The Economic Council and the Economics Congress should be convened immediately for the upcoming period, and our road map should be determined properly. This century must be the century of Turks and Turkey. We can turn the crisis into a golden age.”